has been a leading automotive forecasting agency since 1970.
Our forecasting time horizons run to 2030 and beyond. We cover all countries and all segments.
By manufacturer, by platform, by model, by bodystyle, by plant. Capacity, production and sales.

Who/what is Miru?
is an automotive consultancy group that can assist automotive suppliers, distribution enterprises and vehicle manufacturers to resolve their most critical and difficult management problems. We offer consulting services to both large and small enterprises and our consultants have automotive-relevant experience in a wide variety of problem-solving techniques and management challenges in the automotive field.


Why would a company need our help?
Managing the automotive business has never been easy and, in these days of surplus capacity, global commerce, ever more extensive regulation, constantly innovating new media and growing consumer activism, the challenges are growing ever larger. Almost all companies can benefit from occasional and careful use of outside consultants to assist with tackling new and difficult challenges. However, some automotive consulting practices are parts of larger organisations with standardised solutions to your problems; often they also have overhead costs out of proportion to the businesses they are trying to help.

is a lean and dynamic consulting team that will certainly bring a fresher approach and probably a more cost-effective solution to your automotive-related business problems.

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