Distributor/INSC Consultancy


What are the key problems facing the Distributor/INSC (Independent National Sales Company)?


can help Distributors/INSCs to understand the changing pressures they face from:

What can do for INSCs?
We can advise you on what could be done to stabilise your national franchise while meeting

reasonable manufacturer and dealer expectations. Also, most importantly, whether this is likely to be profitable for you. We do this primarily by comparing your present margin structure to our forecast of similar INSC and dealer margins in future years.

What do we charge INSCs for this?
We generally charge a l10000 fixed fee (plus relevant taxes) for a preliminary assessment of the future value of a national franchise. This entails specific recommendations of actions to stabilise and enhance that value where we find this appropriate. Where we have insufficient benchmark data available we may need to do a special study for which a specific price will be quoted.

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